søndag den 16. juni 2013


Today I'm only speaking english! All my thoughts is on english and everything have to be on that language.

I really suck when it comes to writing in english. (oh God! Is it "in english" og "on english"?!?! Anyway, now I wrote both..)
I'm not very good at spelling. That's my weakness. But yeeh I try my hardest!

Yesterday I wrote a "indlæg" (!) and I'll post it tomorrow. It's about me, myself and I. (no it's not). Well, in (or on?!) enlgish it's called "about me - my soft site" omg, aren't you freaking excitited? I am. I hope it's not too crazy and stuff - 'cause that was and is definitely not my attention.

Btw I really think it's "in english" when you say it out loud it sounds more correct.

I had a thought - it could be super awesome if you wrote a comment in english! I would really appreciate it. 

I had this dream last night. In this dream I kissed this boy - and it was not my boyfriend.. To wake up and remember that is really weird, I kind of feel bad about it.. But I probably forget it tomorrow.
The rest of the dream was cool though. The busses weren't driving and we had to drive with a train/boat.

Actually I don't have time for this... I woke up too late. But have a nice day! And wish me luck with my english exam - I need it.

Enjoy this picture of me and Dennis... I'm gonna miss dancing with that boy...

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